23 Mar 2014

    Why is it that the highs in life never feel like they fully offset the lows?  Every time I’m sad, it feels so much more earth-shaking than I can remember the highs being, but I never feel the same about the good times.

    30 Apr 2013

    Anonymous said: You can tune a piano, but you can't ... ?

    Pee a tunano?


    29 Apr 2013

    29 Apr 2013

    29 Apr 2013

    29 Apr 2013

    29 Apr 2013


    Lately I’ve been fantasizing about putting a gun in my mouth and pulling the trigger. This doesn’t seem good.

    5 Apr 2013

    Empty stomach

    Half a glass of merlot.

    I’m such a lightweight.

    5 Apr 2013

    Anonymous said: The world wide web is the best thing since you c(:

    I’m not that old! ;~;

    2 Apr 2013

    Anonymous said: You are the best thing since sliced bread (:

    Are you saying I’m better than the internet?!?